Roswell’s mail to be processed in Lubbock

March 23, 2013 • Local News

Starting in May, Roswell’s mail will be sent to Lubbock for processing.

The United States Postal Service announced the decision last year, in response to declining revenue and [auth] use nationwide, said Peter Hass, USPS spokesman for the Arizona-New Mexico District.

The agency has seen a 30 percent decrease nationwide in First-Class Mail volume, he said, which is less mail than five years ago. This is most likely due to more people choosing to use email and pay bills online.

“Americans have basically changed the way they’re doing mail,” Hass said. “It’s just a smart business decision.”

The Postal Service does not receive tax dollars, he said, and depends on the sale of postage, postal products and services.

Mail processing prepares mail for delivery. Roswell mail will travel by truck to Lubbock’s Processing and Distribution Facility, where it will be sorted.

Mail destined for cities outside of Roswell will be sent directly from the Lubbock facility. The facility will send mail addressed to people and places inside Roswell back to the city for distribution.

Nothing will change as far as the Post Office’s retail services or Business Mail Entry operations, Hass said, and P.O. boxes will continue to receive mail.

“The vast majority of people won’t notice any change,” he said.

Consolidating mail processing facilities is one of several measures the service is taking in an effort to reduce costs and become more efficient.

The Postal Service also is preparing to begin five-day mail delivery and six-day package delivery in August, Hass said.

Despite cuts and restructuring, Hass said the agency has no plans to layoff employees.

“There will be some employees whose job position will be changing,” he said. “But they will continue to be employed.”

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  1. murphy says:

    Good-bye to the Postal Service as we know it.

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