Adult Center holds annual cycle, hobby show

March 17, 2013 • Local News

Visitors young and old attend the Roswell Adult Center Hobby and Motorcycle Show, Saturday.

Chaves County Sheriff Rob Coon was one of seven first-place winners Saturday at the 12th annual Spring Motorcycle Show, as more than 200 people selected his more than 30-year-old historic bike the best in the lineup.

Ron Courts, who started the motorcycle show and continues to organize it, said this year’s turnout was one of the best in a while.

“We’ve got probably 30 bikes here today,” Courts said. “It’s just a beautiful day. This is kind of like the spring opener for the guys around here.”

Cycle owners pay $5 for each bike entered. Guests vote on six categories, including best cruisers, touring bikes, custom creations, sport bikes, historic bikes and Rat bikes, which are [auth] motorbikes put together with bits and pieces of other objects.

Jesse Harkness, 39, won first place for his Rat bike. His motorcycle, made of three different bicycle parts, a water pump motor and equipped with a side car for his Boston terrier, Earl.

“Me and a buddy have a barbecue competition team and I use this to ride around the fairgrounds,” Harkness said.

Prizes and trophies were given to other bike owners Saturday. Those included:

Bert Jimenez (first place) and Jolita Gonzalez (runner-up) in the Cruisers competition; Neil Fuchs (first) and Jesse Armendariz (runner-up) for touring bikes; Joseph McKnight (first and runner-up) for both bikes entered in the custom bike category; Mike Hart for his sport bike; Harley Spagler (runner-up against Coon) for his historic bike; Quint White (runner-up against Harkness) in the Rat bike category; and Michael Murphy won Best of Show.

Gary Hamilton, 60, entered his 74 Harley Davidson Shovelhead this year, but did not walk away a winner, though he has won 15 times, he said.

“I built it myself,” he said.

Hamilton has owned or built some 40 motorcycles during his life, he said.

“The new bikes are fine but they’re store bought and expensive,” he said. “It’s your life. I enjoy them. I’ll ride ’till I’m 80. It’s a lot of fun.”

The Motorcycle Show was part of the Roswell Adult and Senior Center 47th annual Hobby Show, that was held inside the center.

Recreation Supervisor Sheila McKnight estimated some 500 people attended the Hobby Show, which included 16 booths, six performances of Taekwon-do, line dancing, hula dancing and tap dancing.

“It’s gotten smaller,” McKnight said. “The older generation, they were the collectors.”

Even so, those who did attend and the artists and instructors behind the booths enjoyed themselves as they showed their crafts.

Dwayne Worley, a second-degree black belt, and his crew demonstrated how to crack boards with their hands on stage as children gasped in the crowd.

The Roswell Adult Center holds classes in Taekwon-do and other defense instruction Monday and Wednesday from 5:45 to 7 p.m.

The booths also included scrapbooking demonstrations, ceramics and paper art.

“The best part of doing this each year is that the younger crowd doesn’t realize what is taught here,” McKnight said. “I’m amazed to see them. Maybe it sparks an interest in them.”

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