Congress may derail Valley’s plans

March 16, 2013 • Local News

Owners of Valley Meat Co. in Roswell are moving ahead with plans to open their local slaughterhouse to start processing horse meat, possibly by the end of April, despite a pair of bills introduced by Congress Wednesday that could all but shut its doors.

Following months of legal wrangling, owner Rick De Los Santos expects the U.S. Department of Agriculture to finally issue a Grant of Inspection, allowing the company to begin production, said attorney A. Blair Dunn.

“They’re moving along as planned,” Dunn said. “They’ve done everything they’re supposed to do. They’re going to continue on and get ready to go into business.”

De Los Santos, a longtime rancher who moved to Roswell 25 years ago, processed beef cattle and employed more than 40 people at the Login to read more

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