State budget passes

March 14, 2013 • Local News

The state House of Representatives voted 37-33 Wednesday to concur with the Senate’s $5.9 billion budget, which House Republicans [auth] and Gov. Susana Martinez oppose.

House Republicans have issued a statement against the budget, saying it is flawed and lacks provisions that were in the House’s budget intended to improve the state’s education system, increase economic development and enhance public safety.

“We have been attempting to find common ground to move New Mexico in the right direction for our children and for future generations,” said House Minority Floor Leader Rep. Don Bratton, R-Hobbs, in a statement.

“Unfortunately, there seems to be a gridlock in the process, and I am concerned that there is an unwillingness to find common ground from the other side. There were significant issues that needed to be worked out, and we must work together to move our state in the right direction.”

House Minority Whip Rep. Nate Gentry, R-Albuquerque, said Democrats seem to have “taken a page out of the federal Democrat playbook and have stonewalled legitimate and commonsense compromise on the budget.”

If Democrats had voted differently, he said the Legislature could “have sorted out the important issues on education, economic development and public safety before the end of the session.”

The budget awaits Martinez’s approval. If vetoed, a special session is possible.

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