Public Records: 3-14-13

March 14, 2013 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses
March 6

Dee J. Billips, 22, and Jennifer L. Atteberry, 21, both of Artesia.
Calobe N. Cochran, 23, and Diana A. Villa, 21, both of Portales.
Griffin A. Crocker, 38, and Christy M. Breedyk, 34, both of Roswell.
Tyler M. Corn, 26, and Lacie S. Shearman, 24, both of Roswell.
March 7
Johnny C. Paschall, 64, and Shelley A. Bowman, 61, both of Roswell.
Christopher M. Alvarado, 20, and Jessica J. Reta, 21, both of Roswell.
Armando B. Garcia, 31, and Stephanie F. Molinar, 34, both of Roswell.
March 8
Cruz J. Luevano, 19, and Thalia E. Villareal, 17, both of Roswell.
March 11
Jeffrey Hernandez, 42, and Maria Oralia Guzman-Garduno, 35, both of Artesia.
Javier E. Garcia, 36, and Sophia A. Vigil, 29, both of Roswell.
Leonard D. Hamilton, 19, and Sharayah C. Hendrix, 18, both of Roswell.
March 12
William T. Cox, 21, and Sarah D. Speaker, 18, both of Roswell.
Roman S. Vigil, 45, and Sylvia S. Reyes, 40, both of Roswell.
Filed Feb. 28

David A. Smith vs Brandy K. Smith
Josefina Carreon vs Fernando Carreon Jr.
Filed March 1
Danielle Nicole Fierro vs Zackery Brian Fierro
Deborah K. Griffin vs James D. Griffin
Filed March 4
Monica De Los Santos vs Ronald De Los Santos
Johnathon Carl Bannister vs Christina N. Bannister
Filed March 6
Michael T. Drew vs Maria Vickie Drew
Josephine Richardson vs Christofer Lee Richardson
Filed March 11
Carmen O. [auth] Mendoza vs Luis Mendoza
Sylvia S. Reyes vs Yodel Rodriguez
Municipal Court
March 11
Judge Larry Loy

Drinking in public, littering in public — Michael Peavey, Roswell; fined $183 or 3 days in jail, credit for time served.
Possession of drug paraphernalia — Ryan Glass, Roswell; fined $129.
Immediate notice of accident, accident involving damage to vehicle — Ronald Atencio, Roswell; fined $458.
Unlawful use of license, concealing identity, vehicles to be in safe condition — Melissa Melendez, Roswell; fined $558 and 6 days in jail, 6 days suspended in lieu of 6 days community service.
Failure to pay fines — Melissa Melendez, Roswell; fined $129.
Unlawful use of license, concealing identity, display of registration, no insurance, failure to appear on hold — Melissa Melendez, Roswell; fined $458 and 4 days in jail, 4 days suspended in lieu of 4 days community service, failure to appear on hold, fined $229.
Unlawful use of license — Marquis Cheadle-Sosa, Roswell; unlawful use of license fined $329 and 6 days in jail suspended in lieu of 6 days community service.
Concealing identity, possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful use of license, display of registration, evidence of registration, no insurance — Jacklyn Garcia, Roswell; fined $358 and $358 suspended in lieu of 6 days jail, concurrent with Magistrate Court.
Shoplifting — Heribeto Garcia-Rodriguez, Roswell; fined $129.
Obstructing an officer — Teddy Sosa, Roswell; fined $129 and $100 suspended not to repeat offense for 60 days.
Failure to pay fines — Raul Garcia, Roswell; fined $129 or 6 days in jail until paid, concurrent with Magistrate Court.
Failure to pay fines — Lorana Garcia, Roswell; fined $129 and total $302 suspended in lieu of 5 days community service.
Disorderly conduct — Alfred Rodriguez, Roswell; fined $129 and 2 days in jail, credit for time served.
Shoplifting, possession of drug paraphernalia — Desiree McMath, Roswell; fined $458.
March 6

12 a.m. — Pine and Deming; vehicle owned by Heather Runion and Kathleen Hodge, 21, both of Roswell.
6:25 p.m. — Union and 17th; drivers — Kristen Sena, 24, and Shirley McDonald, 64, both of Roswell.
6:30 p.m. — 1600 block of South Sunset; drivers — Megan Garcia, 26, and Larry Sanchez, 15, both of Roswell.
March 7
12:18 p.m. — Main and Blue Mountain Road; drivers — Claudia Brown, 62, of Roswell, and unknown driver.
1:02 p.m. — 1400 block Circle Diamond; driver — Juan Cordero-Navarro, 65, of Las Cruces.
Unknown time and location; vehicle owned by Mary De Los Santos, of Roswell, and unknown driver.
March 8
5:08 a.m. — Sycamore and Hendricks; vehicle owned by National Furniture Liquidators, and Socorro McDonald, 22, both of Roswell.
8:04 a.m. — Country Club and Garden; drivers — Adam Soliz, 62, and Esperanza Villalobos, 18, both of Roswell.
12:17 p.m. — Main and Wilshire; drivers — Gary Sipe, 30, and Mike Flowers, 90, both of Roswell.
12:25 p.m. — Main and Buena Vista; drivers — Carolina Cisneros-Mendoza, 28, of Albuquerque, and Sandy E. Gonzales, 35, of Roswell.
2:49 p.m. — Main and Reed; drivers — Veronica Guerra, 51, and Yolanda Cano, 37, both of Roswell.
3:16 p.m. — Walker and Wells; drivers — Tiffany Nesselrod, 30, and Tasha Jones, 22, both of Roswell.
4:44 p.m. — Main and First; drivers — Jean Morrice, 29, and Barbara Yingling, 47, both of Roswell.
6:37 p.m. — Main and Sixth; drivers — Sarah Holladay, 30, of Alamogordo, and Jade Swickard, 20, of Roswell.
7:41 p.m. — Mescalero and Main; drivers — Carol Nowak, 51, of Roswell, and unknown driver.
March 9
11:40 a.m. — Grand and McGaffey; drivers — Rene Alvarez, 25, and Orlando Archuleta, 78, both of Roswell.
March 10
1:04 a.m. — 2201 SE Main; drivers — David Ortega, 17, of Roswell, and Martin Castillo-Delgado, 22, of Hagerman.
1:04 a.m. — 2201 SE Main; drivers — Luisa Acosta, 16, of Roswell, and unknown driver.
3:06 p.m. — Jaffa and Sunset; vehicle owned by Jesus Hernandez, of Roswell, and unknown driver.
3:15 p.m. — Mescalero and Main; drivers — Phillip Luttrell, 44, and Marlena Archibeque-Werts, 38, both of Roswell.
8:30 p.m. — 102 Tierra Berrendo; drivers unknown.
March 11
1:14 a.m. — Fourth and Garden; vehicle owned by Dale Torrez, and Kayla Reyes, 17, both of Roswell.
2:23 p.m. — 408 S. Union alley west; vehicle owned by Maria Apodaca, of Roswell.

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