Public Records: 3-14-13

March 14, 2013 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses
March 6

Dee J. Billips, 22, and Jennifer L. Atteberry, 21, both of Artesia.
Calobe N. Cochran, 23, and Diana A. Villa, 21, both of Portales.
Griffin A. Crocker, 38, and Christy M. Breedyk, 34, both of Roswell.
Tyler M. Corn, 26, and Lacie S. Shearman, 24, both of Roswell.
March 7
Johnny C. Paschall, 64, and Shelley A. Bowman, 61, both of Roswell.
Christopher M. Alvarado, 20, and Jessica J. Reta, 21, both of Roswell.
Armando B. Garcia, 31, and Stephanie F. Molinar, 34, both of Roswell.
March 8
Cruz J. Luevano, 19, and Thalia E. Villareal, 17, both of Roswell.
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