NYC soda size rule eyed from coffee shops to clubs

March 9, 2013 • Business

A Coca-Cola poster about the city’s new beverage ban is displayed at a pizza shop, Friday, March 8, 2013, at New York’s Penn Station. The nation’s first limit on the size of sugar-laden beverages is set to take effect Tuesday in the city. Customers will no longer get 24-ounce tumblers of soda, since the new rule bars selling non-diet cola in cups, bottles or pitchers bigger than 16 ounces. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

NEW YORK (AP) — At barbecue joints, coffee counters and bottle-service nightclubs, a coming clampdown on big, sugary soft drinks is beginning to take shape on tables and menus in a city that thrives on eating and going out.

Some restaurants are ordering smaller glasses. Dunkin’ Donuts shops are telling customers they’ll have to sweeten and flavor their own coffee. Coca-Cola has printed posters explaining the new rules, and a bowling lounge is squeezing carrot and beet juice as a potential substitute Login to read more

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