City Council to vote on proposed pet ordinance, Thursday

March 9, 2013 • Local News

Roswell City Council will be voting on a proposed city ordinance, Thursday, which will require permits for breeders, for owners of more than five animals and a litter permit for any pet owner who wishes to “sell, give away or dispose of” any animals in a litter. The proposed ordinance pertains to both cats and dogs and will include a series of fees for each permit, along with graduated fines for violations.

Citizens have expressed concern over the terminology, particularly the use of “dispose of,” fearing that they may be required to pay a fee or a fine if they have an animal put to sleep.

Special Services Administrator Mike Mathews says that this ordinance does not cover legal euthanasia of a pet. Similarly, it would not influence any owner who chooses to sell or give away an adult animal. The only requirement would be that the owner be able to provide documentation that the dog or cat has received all age-related shots and tags.

Some of the public’s concerns related to feral cats: Would the individual who traps a mother cat and attempts to Login to read more

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