Society receives unexpected donation

March 7, 2013 • Local News

Seven puppies of the 11 dogs abandoned outside the Roswell Humane Society that were found Tuesday morning after spending the night in 30-degree temperatures. (Jessica Palmer Photo)

The Roswell Humane Society received a surprise, Tuesday, in the form of seven puppies that were found in their donation box, along with a mother and her three puppies that had been placed into their newspaper box at the east side of the building.

The puppies were discovered when a man [auth] tried to make a donation of clothes and heard a yelp when some of the items fell on top of the puppies. The 6-week-old pit bull crosses were left outside overnight and were cold. “We were worried that they might die,” said an employee of Roswell Animal Services, where the puppies were taken after their discovery.

“The pit bull cross puppies were covered in ticks. The mother and her three 3-month-old puppies were very emaciated,” said Krystle Smith of the Roswell Humane Society.

“This happens every year,” said kennel manager Carol Rogers. “Animal Services used to have metal cages outdoors, but they don’t anymore, so now we get them.

Smith pointed out that there are signs that say no live animals. “It’s ridiculous, because there’s two shelters. People should come in and speak with us. We won’t judge them. Our concern is for the wellbeing of the animals,” she said.

She recommends people have their pets spayed and neutered. “Come into the shelters and see what the options are. Don’t just dump them.”

The Roswell Humane Society, 703 E. McGaffey St., is a nonprofit agency that relies on donations and the sales from their Thrift Shop.

For those interested in providing a home for the newest additions to Roswell Animal Services, the puppies are being kept next door to the Humane Society at Animal Control, 705 E. McGaffey St.

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