Public Records: 3-7-13

March 6, 2013 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses
March 1

Alexander R. Montano, 22, and Kristen Bristow, 23, both of Roswell.
March 4
Eric J. Coll, 51, of Roswell, and Kelly Carter Idom, 52, of Franklin, Texas.
Ryan M. Campbell, 27, and Rachel Elizabeth Bruno, 21, both of Bloomfield.
Jordan M. Coleman, 28, and Ashton L. Coll, 25, both of Roswell.
John D. Lorbiecke, 39, and Marita C. Delapena, 31, both of Roswell.
Jimmy Ray Herring, 36, and Stacy L. McLarey, 37, both of Roswell.
March 5
Thomas J. Winkler, 26, and Anna M. Chavez, 20, both of Roswell.
Municipal Court
Feb. 20
Judge Larry Loy

Dogs running at large two counts — Mark Baxter, Roswell; fined $108.
Dogs running at large three counts, city tags three counts, rabies three counts, tags must be worn three counts — Adrienne Gustamantes, Roswell; fined $498 and $75 suspended in lieu of bring proof of city tags to the court.
Noise generally — Mario Pietropollo, Roswell; fined $79.
Discharge of a firearm — Jacqueline Norton, Roswell; fined $429 and $300 suspended in lieu of not having any repeat offense within 6 months.
Disorderly conduct — Misty Hellums, Roswell; fined $179.
Failure to pay fines, failure to comply with community service, failure to appear order to show cause — Login to read more

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