Haley trial gets under way

March 6, 2013 • Local News

The Terry Haley trial began on Tuesday. Haley is charged with criminal sexual penetration of minor under the age under the age of 13 and enticement of a child. CSP of a child under the age of 13 is a first-degree felony; enticement of child is a misdemeanor. The charges stem from an alleged incident that occurred in February 2010. The case had gone through Magistrate Court twice, in part due to a confusion in dates.

In her opening statement, Assistant District Attorney Debra Hutchins described the relationship the 12-year-old girl had developed with Haley as a friend, who took her and other children to church, to movies or invite them into his home to play games. Hutchins said he gave them gifts of jewelry and toys.

On the night to the alleged incident, Haley took the victim to a movie. “He picked her up … it got later and later. Around 12 o’clock (midnight) the family made calls and still no answer.”

Hutchins noted it was four days before the victim confided to her family what had happened. Then she deferred to the victim. “Only she can make you understand what happened that night.”

Defense attorney Gary Mitchell asked the jurors to pay attention to what the “evidence will show, or more frankly, will not show.”

He pointed to confusion about the date of the incident. “Initially, all testified under oath that this occurred on Login to read more

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