Ancients of Days is a unique and eclectic Christian Rock Shop

March 4, 2013 • Local Business Review

Don James (at upper left) shows a Mexico geode that Andrea selected for cracking. Don puts the geode into the cracker (main picture) and will apply pressure. WOW, what a surprise! (Upper right.) Ancients of Days Christian Rock Shop is open from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Mon. through Sat. and they are “animal friendly”. Ancients of Days is located at 127 North Main. The phone number is 623-2222.


Ancients of Days is a unique and eclectic Christian Rock Shop located in the heart of Main Street in Roswell’s Alien Zone. Though they are not your typical gung-ho UFO store, the store is a must see tourist stop, as well as for local Roswellians.

Our God, AKA the Ancient of Days, created some absolutely fascinating stones. And Ancients of Days Rock and Fossil Shop offers an amazing array of not only rare rocks and fossils, but also beautiful gems and minerals. Customers particularly value their rock hounding knowledge and tips on where to hunt in New Mexico and West Texas for interesting gems and minerals.

Since opening in early 2012, Ancients of Days have quickly positioned [auth] themselves as the leading rock store in the region. If you are not familiar with Ancients of Days, they would be pleased to have you visit their store.

Ancients of Days also sell Christian Supplies and Gifts, including:

• DVDs, CDs

• Books/Bibles

• Crosses

• Nativity Scenes

• CD Clocks

• Greeting Cards

• Rosaries, Catholic Bibles and Spanish Bibles

• Hand-crafted crosses by Sandy Fiel, who also does special order crosses

• and much more. Don and Andrea are expanding their Christian inventory.

It is their desire in the very near future to offer educational presentations and contests to increase the knowledge of the age old hobby of rock collecting and geological information for the young and old alike.

∆ The business is geared toward providing a resource for collectors of minerals, gems and fossil specimens as well as for lapidary craftsmen.

∆ Available rock slabs for “do-it-yourself” projects such as rock clocks, coasters, artist mediums, napkin holders, couch buddies, magnets cabochons, etc.

∆ Ancients of Days has rock clocks, coasters and napkin holders ready made and available for those with little to no artistic talent or time. They also have rock paintings by local artists.

∆ A unique feature they offer is cracking or cutting whole geodes with always a surprise inside!

∆ Come in and see their wide assortment of fluorescent minerals in the “UV Room”.

∆ They have educational/information kits available.

∆ Also an assortment of terrestrial and aquatic fossils such as shark teeth, trilobites, ammonites, orthorcearas, dinosaur bones and turritella.

∆ Wide assortment of crystals, including amethysts, celestite, calcite, fluorite and selenite.

∆ Cave formations, speliothems from Mexico.

∆ Assorted mineral spheres.

∆ Check out their Alien Case with it’s assortment of weird and unusual minerals.

Speaking of Aliens, Ancients of Days also has “Spog the Lonely Alien”, a series of six different children’s books by local author K. Lorraine.

Owners Donald and Andrea James relocated to Roswell in July, 2009 from Buffalo, NY. Donald’s parents had lived in Roswell for 10 years prior to Don and Andrea purchasing a house in Roswell. Several factors brought them to Roswell, Don’s dad’s health was failing and they just wanted to be here to help in any way they could. Sadly before Don and Andrea were able to relocate his dad passed away. “So Mom was here alone and we promised him that we would take care of her. Now we take care of each other. Don insists he moved here to get away from the cold and snow in upstate New York,” Andrea says.

Don works full-time at Roswell Tire & Appliance as the appliance service technician (he has been in this field for over 30 years). Andrea works full-time at Pioneer Bank in the mortgage department. Their long-term goal is to be able to retire with their business, Ancients of Days.

Don and Andrea are members of the Chaparral Rockhounds whose meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Roswell Adult Center at 7:30 p.m.

The store is located at 127 North Main at the corner of 2nd and Main. The phone number is 623-2222 and their web site (still under construction, but available now,) is at .

Ancients of Days is open from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and they are “animal friendly”.

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