ILEA’s grad-level courses focus on international crime

March 2, 2013 • Local News

As federal budget cuts begin, the recently revamped International Law Enforcement Academy in Roswell isn’t expected to feel any pain.

ILEA Roswell’s new program manager, Myron Golden of BlueLaw International, said the program will “probably not be directly affected by the sequestration.” The campus ushered in several changes recently and is in the middle of instituting a new graduate-level agenda.

But the future might be less bright, according to Luis Diaz-Rodriguez, of the Criminal Justice Programs Division for the State Department.

“We’re fine, at least for now,” Diaz-Rodriguez said. “It might be that the decision is made that the department won’t fund it (in the future). In that case, the doors will shut and everyone will go home. But I know we have a lot of support and the Department of State is highly committed to this program. It has support from the highest levels.”

ILEA Roswell changed directions after awarding a $9.175 million contract to BlueLaw International LLC last year.

The Roswell program switched its mission in September and began providing specialized management courses in criminal justice, legal and regulatory workshop facilitation, and criminal policy program development and Login to read more

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