Cops bust Duran after long chase

March 1, 2013 • Local News

Sammy Duran

The Roswell Police Department and Chaves County Sheriff’s Office arrested Sammy Duran, 18, Thursday, after a pursuit that started on Lea Avenue and McGaffey Street and took officials along Wildy, South Main, Southeast Main, Poe, Hobbs and Church streets. The chase ended after Duran attempted to ram a Sheriff’s vehicle twice, and tried to run down a police officer who had exited his unit. The vehicle eventually crashed in an alley east of North Elm Avenue near Buena Vista Street.

According to the criminal complaint, an RPD officer observed the grey Impala run at a stop sign at Lea and McGaffey. The officer tried to make a traffic stop, but the vehicle sped up. In his statement, the officer said the vehicle was [auth] swerving wildly and the driver kept hitting his brakes every time the police unit drew close. When the two vehicles arrived in the area near Roswell High School, the officer was told to cancel the pursuit.

The documents state that a Sheriff’s deputy heard about the pursuit on the radio. He said he was driving to South Main along Poe Street, when Duran changed direction and ran a stop sign. The deputy was forced to pull over to avoid collision.

After the near collision was reported, the RPD received permission to pick up the pursuit. Three officers and a second deputy went to the assistance of the first deputy, who had positioned his vehicle near Hobbs and Main streets where, the deputy said, the driver of the vehicle veered attempting to hit him.

The police statements indicate that Duan led two police units around the area known as the triangle, where Main splits to Southeast and South Main, down to Poe, several times. A third officer positioned his vehicle on Church Street east of Grand Avenue and took his place in the street with his firearm drawn. He said Duran headed straight for him, and turned on to Grand at the last minute, and the officer was forced to jump off the road. The officer then identified the driver as Sammy Duran.

A second deputy joined the pursuit. He said in his statement that he saw sparks fly as the Impala bottomed out. Duran slammed his brakes and swerved in an attempt to lose his pursuers. It crashed at the south end of an alley on Elm Avenue. A fourth officer arrived.

The driver and four passengers left the vehicle. During his statement, the second deputy reported that Duran threw something away from him. The criminal complaint states the deputy had to “… fight Sammy to ground. …”

Two officers conducted a search of the suspect and located six baggies with 2.1 grams of methamphetamines.

Duran currently faces two counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer, fleeing a law enforcement officer, trafficking methamphetamine, two counts of resisting, evading, or obstructing an officer, concealing identity. He is being held at Chaves County Detention Center with a $50,000 cash-or-surety bond.

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