Someone knows who did these crimes!

February 25, 2013 • Local Business Review

Sometimes we read [auth] the Roswell Daily Record or hear a report on radio or television news and we think “My gosh! Look at all that crime! I just wish that I could personally help reduce crime in Roswell and in Chaves County?” Along with many other criminal offenses which any municipality must deal with, we know that there are several homicide cases – some from just a few days ago – which our community needs to resolve.

Chaves County Crime Stoppers is very anxious to help solve these homicide cases as well as other crimes. Someone knows who did these crimes! It will be worth your time to call the Crime Stopper number. That’s the way you can help!

We’ve included on this page some individuals which the Roswell Police Department and the Probation and Parole Department are particularly anxious to get off the streets. Maybe you know where they are. And that’s another way to help. It’s really simple.

Chaves County Crime Stoppers has been in existence in Roswell since the late Eighties and was formally established as a Not-For-Profit organization in 1991. Unfortunately, the program faded and was nearly forgotten for several years, but as we begin 2013, Crime Stoppers is alive and well and anxious to make a difference in this part of Southeastern New Mexico. Beginning in May of 2009, the program regrouped and reestablished itself. We have a strong Board of Directors, all with a passion for improving the crime situation in our town.

These members are people who are, or have been in business for many years and include Don Bullock, Charles Shannon, Toni Pemberton, Neil Roe, Susie Snyder, Bill Golden and Steve Wolfe.

Richard Lucero brings the vast experience of a police officer to the table, as well as current law enforcement officers Capt. Tom Moody, Sgt. Bill Daleske and Det. Albert Aldana. All of these individuals take personal ownership in a program which affects them directly.

We learned early on that when a person wants to report a crime, or has information about a crime, they must not have any fear that their voice will be recognized in any way. With that in mind, we found a call center near Houston, Texas which serves Crime Stopper accounts exclusively, is available for calls 24/7, and can take tips in Spanish and in English. There is no way that anyone will recognize your voice! Just call 1-888-594-T I P S (8477) and you may be eligible for an award of up to $1,000! YOUR CALL IS ABSOLUTELY ANONYMOUS. 

Your call information is e-mailed to a local law enforcement coordinator, who directs the information to the correct detective or investigator and perhaps to the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office or another agency. If an arrest is made or a warrant issued, the tipster may be eligible to receive a reward. That’s where the board of Crime Stoppers looks at the case and determines what the payoff should be. Again, you may be eligible for an award of up to $1,000!

We do have a web-site.   Check out . On our web-site you can expect to see current photographs and updated information on wanted fugitives and persons of interest. You can also find us on Facebook.

Today, Chaves County Crime Stoppers is doing well financially, but we do rely on donations to sustain the program. In an economy which is pretty fragile, we are always aware that tougher times could come. As a board, our proudest moments are those where we must determine how much to pay a tipster who has just made it possible to apprehend some criminal. We are proud to have awarded over $9,000 in the past two years. If you would like to contribute to Chaves County Crime Stoppers, please send it to: P.O. Box 551, Roswell, NM 88202-0551. We are a bona fide 501(c)(3) organization, and we are much appreciative of the community in which we live.   Thank you!

Remember: 1-888-594- T I P S  (8477). You could be eligible for an award of up to $1000.00!!

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