Mobile printing press parks in Roswell

February 24, 2013 • Local News

Kyle Durre makes prints on her mobile letterpress while visiting the Anderson Museum in Roswell, Saturday. Durre is starting an eight-state tour in her ‘Moveable Type,’ a 1982 Chevy stepvan, giving workshops and demonstrations. (Mark Wilson Photo)

Natasha Bowdoin, an artist in Roswell, watched with a friend as Kyle Durrie gently applied silver paint to a rubber roller.

“Here, you try,” Durrie told Bowdoin.

Bowdoin pressed the ink onto the letters set neatly on a table inside a 1980s step van outfitted as a mini-print shop museum.

“Like this?” Bowdoin asked.

The two artists applied the ink and printed a “Greetings From Roswell” card onto green paper stock.

Durrie’s van was parked outside the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art on East College Boulevard Saturday afternoon as a few interested people Login to read more

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