Jose Zavala measures life according to accomplishment of goals

February 23, 2013 • Local News

Jose Zavala (Jessica Palmer Photo)

If someone had to pick a single word to describe Jose Zavala, it would be hardworking. Although Roswell-born, Zavala’s family went to live in Uriangato, Guana Juato, Mexico. He got his first job delivering bread for local bakeries at the age of 6.

“They gave me a big hat where I could carry the loaves, so I could ride my bike and deliver the bread,” Zavala said. He earned 5 to 10 pesos a day.

The trait is shared by other members of the family. His father Eliseo Zavala Sr. stayed in the United States to work in Aurora, Ill. His grandfather gathered firewood and brought it back to town.

The family came back to Roswell when he was 8. “When we returned from Mexico, my family had no car. My mother got the permission from Furrs to take a shopping cart home and then my brother and I would walk the cart back again,” Zavala said.

“I didn’t have video games. I had a GI Joe and a soccer ball,” he said.

He didn’t feel a lack, then or now, having formed the opinion that many games promote violence.

His father bought a lawnmower and formed a business. Father and son would go door-to-door to get jobs mowing lawns. “We would get between $10 to $15 per job. The gardening business Zavala has maintained to this day.

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