Licensing is made easier for veterans

February 18, 2013 • Local News

The state Senate Judiciary Committee voted Monday to pass Senate Bill 258, sponsored by Sen. Bill Burt, R-Alamogordo, to expedite occupational and professional [auth] licensing for members of the military and their spouses who have already been granted licensing in another state.

Under SB 258, “a state agency, board or commission that issues an occupational or professional license” would expedite processing and issuance of licenses to military service members, spouses of military service members and recent veterans, so long as “the applicant holds a license that is current and in good standing.”

The process in place now can take several months to complete, Burt said, and approval would allow New Mexico to catch up with other states that already allow for expedited licensing.

Applicants would still be subject to all relevant tests and fees required of the license pursued, he said.

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