Rabies Clinic to be offered March 3

February 13, 2013 • Local News

College Garden Animal Clinic in conjunction with [auth] Roswell Fire Department will hold the annual Rabies Clinic on Sunday, March 3, from 1 to 4 p.m. All of Roswell’s fire stations but the one at the Roswell International Air Center will open their doors to the public for the event. The Dexter Fire Department, 117 E. 2nd St., and Hagerman Fire Station, 209 W. Argyle St., are also a part of the rabies clinic.

The addresses for the Roswell Fire Station include Fire Station 1, 200 S. Richardson Ave.; Fire Station 2, 501 E. McGaffey St.; Fire Station 5, 701 West Gayle St.; Fire Station 6, 1501 N. Sycamore Ave., and Fire Station 3, 2800 N. Wilshire Ave. “Most people don’t realize that the old fire station on Garden is closed. It’s now on North Wilshire,” said Dr. James Humphreys.

The Rabies Clinics will offer the rabies shots at $9 each; however, the vets will not be offering any other vaccinations — such as parvo or feline leukemia — at this time. “We want to vaccinate as many animals (for rabies) as possible. It becomes more complicated if we offer other vaccines. We are doing this as public heath service. Of course, it’s a public service, but it’s also a public health service … because rabies is very dangerous,” Humphreys said.

He estimated that the Rabies Clinic has been taking place in Roswell for nearly 45 years. Last year the clinic provided shots to some 1,100 dogs and cats.

The rabies vaccine is a three-year vaccine, except for puppies. “According to New Mexico state law, any puppy has to receive a booster after a year,” Humphreys explained.

Roswell Animal Services will also be available to provide licenses. The prices for city licenses are $5 for animals that have spayed and neutered.

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