Pushy home security company alarming Roswell

February 11, 2013 • Local News

Jessica Palmer
Record Staff Writer

The False Alarm Reduction Association, an international organization, is warning people to be wary of door-to-door sales representatives for security alarm systems who use high-pressure tactics to make a sale. One Vivint, Inc. based in Provo, Utah, sends sales personnel periodically to Roswell, and several have fallen foul of Vivint.

Among the victims are a blind woman and an illiterate man, both of whom signed contracts they were not able to read and cannot afford to pay. Their contract has a comment in boldface print at the top of the page that states the consumer should read it carefully before signing. A third person had what was described as mental problems. Of the three listed only one, the woman with mental health issues, has been released from their contract.

Notably the blind woman and the man with reading difficulties are being held to their contract.

One couple reported that the sales representative arrived at the worst possible time and then refused to leave. “He came here when we had removed the cabinet and the sink because pipes were broken and we had a snake in the house. I kept telling him that he had come at a bad time, but he grabbed my spouse and pulled him out to the porch.”

According to the wife, only a few minutes had passed before her spouse returned, saying they needed her signature. She refused.

The sales rep then entered the home and Login to read more

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