Chew’s Oriental Gift Shop, Coins & Currency has a large selection of coins and other gift items

February 11, 2013 • Local Business Review

Chew’s Coin & Currency has sets of coins from all over the world. Jack Chew has many different sets of coins and he has hundreds of individual coins plus some fantastic currency, including this US 1oz. Gold Eagle. Chew’s Oriental Gift Shop, Coins & Currency is located at 2513 West Second Street. Jack & Susie recently remodeled the store and welcome your visit. The phone number is 622-7239.


Chew’s Oriental Gift Shop, 2513 W. Second St., has a wide array of  gift and decorative items, and a varied assortment of specialty Oriental gourmet food items.

Owners Jack and Susie Chew have operated the Gift Shop for 30 years. They were in the restaurant business in Roswell from 1945, when Jack [auth] was discharged from the Army Air Corps at Walker Army Air Field, until 1995.

Jack was born in Canton, China, moving to the US when he was a child of thirteen. After attending high school in Albuquerque, Jack joined the service, seeing action in Europe during World War II, where Jack’s B-17 bomber was shot down over Germany and he spent the next 21 months in three different prisoner of war camps. Jack was awarded the Purple Heart, European War Medal, Air Metal and the US Prisoner of War Metal for his Army service.

Jack and Susie’s first restaurant was in downtown Roswell, then they moved to Southeast Main, near the old St. Mary’s Hospital. The third location was in the bowling center south of town. Jack and Susie opened Chew’s Oriental Gift Shop in 1980, and moved the restaurant next door to the Gift Shop in 1990. In April, 1995, they sold the restaurant and “retired” to the Gift Shop.

Featuring an incredible selection of imported jade statues, brass, wicker baskets and many other wonderful gift ideas, Chew’s is the ideal place to find that unique gift. There are shelves of glassware and lovely music boxes from the Far East, along with Chinese vases and figurines.

Chew’s carries a large assortment of Oriental gourmet items, including a large selection of Oriental teas, especially the green teas, imported from China. Susie has the new decaffeinated FOOJOY® China Green Tea that everyone has been looking for.

Coins, currency, “Alien” novelty dollars, ingots, games and “money trees”

Chew’s Oriental Gift Shop has a large coin and currency department. Check out the beautiful gold pieces and American Silver Eagles, which would make wonderful gifts. He has the 2010 1/10 oz Gold Eagle, 1 oz Indian/Buffalo gold coins, and the new (still being issued) “First Spouse” gold coins, depicting the Presidential wives.

Jack wants to buy “Indian head” and “Wheat” pennies and “Buffalo Head” nickels, as well as old currency and bills. If you have any for sale, take them to Jack Chew.

He also has various year US Proof Sets for sale, including the 2012 Mint and Proof sets; the US Bicentennial Coin set; uncut sheets of $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00 bills; and the Sacagawea Golden Dollar.

All the state quarters and the Presidential Dollars that have been released are available at Chew’s. Jack has $1.00 and $2.00 silver certificates in singles and sheets.  Jack says, “Silver Proof sets make good gifts.”

Chew’s has “The Official US Mint 50 State Quarters Collector’s Map” which gives you an excellent way to save your State Quarters collection. Proof Sets of these beautiful issues of State Quarters are also available at Chew’s. Jack can supply you with all the coins in this important set.

He has the 2009 Silver Eagle coin and also has the pennies in the 2009 Lincoln issue. You cannot get these at the bank, you have to go to a coin dealer.

Jack Chew makes beautiful “money trees,” a welcome gift any time of the year! Jack also has silver ingots, engraved for various occasions.

Chew’s Oriental Gift Shop is located at 2513 West Second Street.

They are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., every day.

The phone number is 622-7239.

For that special, unique gift you cannot find anywhere else, go to Chew’s Oriental Gift Shop, the possibilities are endless. Jack says, “If you need an exclusive item, come see me!”

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