Moores’ bill aims to punish corrupt officials

February 9, 2013 • Local News

In an effort to deter corrupt government officials, Sen. Mark Moores, R-Albuquerque, recently introduced a piece of legislation that would “throw them out of office immediately upon a felony conviction and turn over their campaign funds to the state.”

Under Senate Bill 238, “if a person who holds a public office in this state is [auth] convicted of a felony, the person shall be deemed to have resigned from the public office immediately upon conviction…All funds belonging to the person’s campaign committee or committees…shall be deposited into the general fund.”

The bill would also extend the removal from public office to cabinet secretaries and to anyone appointed to a public board or commission.

“Under my bill, there will be no question about what to do with the seat of an elected public official, cabinet secretary or an appointee who has been convicted of a felony while in office,” Moores said in a release.

State Attorney General Gary K. King has expressed his support of the legislation and said Moores’ bill “is consistent with other public corruption initiatives I have supported and pursued…I believe it is a good addition to current law.”

Moores said the Secretary of State’s office stated the bill “supports the public policy regarding the forfeiture of campaign funds upon a felony conviction.”

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