GOP opposes increase

February 4, 2013 • Local News

Democratic leaders of the state House of Representatives and Senate announced Monday a proposal that Login to read more

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One Response to GOP opposes increase

  1. loco says:

    I believe increasing the minimum wage is of far more importance to the well-being of the citizens of New Mexico as compared to state driver’s licenses. While the license issue is important, an increase in wages to help people struggling on $7.50 an hour has more importance because it offers a monetary increase for all workers earning minimum wage. And as we all know, it is virtually impossible to get by on $7.50. I would like to see Sen. Ingall R-Portales get by on minimum wage and see if it changes his mind about what is important to the average New Mexican citizen: money or the use of a license to be accepted by the government as a passport when traveling. How many minimum wage workers are traveling?

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