Leprino Foods plans $10 million upgrade

January 29, 2013 • Local News

The Roswell Leprino Foods plant is in the early stages of a multi-million dollar equipment upgrade in its processing department. The upgrades are intended to “diversify and grow various product lines” and will likely result in five to 10 more jobs at the plant, according to Leprino spokesman Ted Wietecha.

Wietecha said Leprino is still assessing the particulars of what will be done but expects the cost to be in excess of $10 million. He said construction work is not expected to [auth] begin until late summer or early fall.

“One of the things this helps us do is balance our current customer demands and our supply chain,” Wietecha said. “So by making Roswell more capable of larger production, it just adds to the versatility of our supply chain.”

Wietecha said that in addition to bringing permanent jobs to the plant, the upgrades represent a “significant investment that’s going to require a lot of outside contractors” and will help the local economy.

Other Leprino plants will likely see major upgrades this year, including plants in Colorado and New York, Wietecha said. He added that Leprino has seen a marked increase in customer demand, both domestically and internationally.

“We’re shipping a lot of products overseas, and that continues to grow,” he said, “particularly in the Pacific-Asian market right now.”

Wietecha said the Roswell plant currently employs about 600 people and produces more than 600,000 pounds of cheese and 200,000 pounds of whey per day. He said the upgrades are a reflection of Leprino’s commitment to the area.

“We’re happy to be in Roswell, and we’re happy to be able to continue to invest in our facilities there, creating jobs and opportunities for the people who live and work there. It’s been a great fit,” he said. “Investments like this show that we’re very committed to our facilities down there in Roswell, as well as to our employees and the people in the community.”

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