United Way exceeds 2012 goal

January 22, 2013 • Local News

A long line enters the Roswell Convention Center for the United Way of Chaves County Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon, Tuesday. (Mark Wilson Photo)

United Way of Chaves County brought in more than half a million dollars during its 2012 fundraising campaign, exceeding its 2012 goal by about $22,000 and topping last year’s fundraising total by more than $36,000. The 2012 fundraising total of $522,547 was announced Tuesday at UWCC’s annual meeting and awards luncheon at the Civic Center.

“We’re very happy about exceeding our goal,” Sherry Mumford, UWCC executive director, said. “It just reinforces the fact that we have a very caring community who reaches out to help those in need.”

The 2012 fundraising totals include donations [auth] made from February 2012 to the end of January 2013, Mumford said. Thirty percent of the funds will stay with UWCC and an appropriations committee will determine allocations of the remaining funds in February.

The campaign, which kicked off in mid-August, was led by co-chairmen Adriann Ragsdale and her husband Luke. Mumford said the Ragsdales played a big role in recruiting new volunteers to UWCC. “They really just got out there and asked (people), and it goes to show you if you just ask people, they really do want to help.”

Luke said the success of the 2012 fundraising campaign was a reflection of the generous people in Chaves County. He said half a million dollars was “a lofty goal” for UWCC and exceeding that goal showed how much everyone involved strived to go above and beyond prior accomplishments.

“It’s a testament to how much this community cares about each other,” he said. “We have all these organizations that benefit so much from it, and people know that by giving to the United Way, you can help all these organizations. I think they really see that you can do a lot of good and help a lot of people.”

Luke said he and Adriann sought to get more young people involved this year, tapping into an “energy and enthusiasm” that helped the campaign reach new donors.

“We had people who gave $10, and we had some people give $50,000,” he said. “And if you take all those people who gave $10, it adds up and it helps. Every little bit is going to contribute and improve the quality of life in Chaves County.”

Adriann said fundraising success comes down to knocking on doors, making phone calls and writing letters. She said support this year came from “every nook and cranny” in Chaves County.

“It hasn’t been just one significant donation, it’s been lots of people being very generous at whatever amount they could do,” she said.

Seldom at rest, Mumford said UWCC will likely begin planning its goals for 2013 in just a few weeks. For more information, visit

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