Pearl Harbor survivor Roy Daly recalls Japanese attack

January 18, 2013 • Local News

Roy Daly (Noah Vernau Photo)

When Roy Daly enlisted in the Navy as an apprentice seaman in 1936, the 18-year-old Neches, Texas, native had decided he “just wanted to see what it was all about.” Daly, now 95, says that while he doesn’t remember as much about his years in the military as he used to, there is one particular day in America’s history he hasn’t forgotten.

On Dec. 7, 1941, Daly was stationed on USS Maryland during the attack on Pearl Harbor, a date that has lived in the thoughts of Americans ever since.

“Well, about 8 o’clock Sunday morning, I think it was, the Japanese planes come over and bombed us,” Daly said. “I was on a ship tied up to a dock, there was a training ship tied up beside of us.

“The Japanese had a torpedo that they rode on the water and guided it. … That ship to the side of us took the torpedo; it sunk, one to the bottom.”

Daly said he mostly kept to himself during his days in the military, and while many lives Login to read more

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