Public Records: 1-15-13

January 15, 2013 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses
[auth] Jan. 2

Gilbert Manuel Vale, 23, and Maria Cristal Vale, 23, both of Roswell.
Richard K. Otero, 28, and Ashley Gonzales, 25, both of Roswell.
Jan. 4
David A. Garcia, 51, and Augustina R. Sigala, 48, both of Roswell.
Jan. 7
Carl Ray Copeland, 65, and Rebecca Belshe Hanson, 64, both of Mesquite, Texas.
Hector Cesar Jimenez Lajom, 26, and Suhey Calderon, 16, both of Roswell.
Jan. 8
Gary W. Deines Jr., 45, and Teresa A. Escobedo, 49, both of Roswell.
Jan. 9
Christopher P. Villa, 37, and Tiffani D. Garcia, 35, both of Hagerman.
Jose L. Aguilar-Pacheco, 36, and Sandra Calvillo, 32, both of Ruidoso.
Jan. 10
Juan C. Sotelo, 25, and Inez N. De Los Santos, 26, both of Roswell.
Jan. 11
Anthony R. Aragon, 36, of Roswell, and Nicolette Yazzie, 25, of Albuquerque.
Trinidad Malone, 24, and Elisa Aguilar, 25, both of Artesia.

Filed Dec. 27

Joseph Paul Ponce vs Nicole Marie Ponce
Filed Dec. 28
German Banuelos vs Elizabeth Herrera
Marsha L. Harrison vs Glenn T. Harrison
Final Jan. 2
Irenio Orona vs Erika Orona
Melinda June Glass vs Tommy Glass
William Cavin vs Nancy Cavin
Amber N. Youngblood vs Chris S. Youngblood
Emily K. Enriquez vs Antonio Enriquez
Raymond Samora vs Jill Samora
Melissa Gail Thompson vs Robert Marvin Thompson
Filed Jan. 4
Shane Gerstenberger vs Kelly Gerstenberger
Rosie Dominguez vs Humberto Dominguez
Robert L. Hendrickson vs Deborah L. Hendrickson
Filed Jan. 7
Rosie M. Reyes vs Juan Carlos Campos
Jaxmin Molina vs Eduardo Molina
Filed Jan. 8
Jennifer Griffin vs Wade Whitman

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