Police catch Servantez

January 8, 2013 • Local News

Crystal Servantez, 29, was apprehended Monday night when an off-duty police officer recognized her in Walgreens, 1835 N. Main St., where she was caught shoplifting mint-flavored dental floss and Ibuprofen. Servantez was listed on the Dec. 5 Daily Record’s Roswell’s Most Wanted for failure to appear on charges of trafficking methamphetamines, possession, drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence.

In addition, a warrant was issued at the end of December when Servantez was implicated in an arson that took place in the 300 block of South Sequoia Avenue on [auth] Nov. 20, where a woman awoke to find her car on fire.

The arson resulted in $5,000 worth of damage and ended a cycle of harassment that dated back to May 2011. Gene Chester, 64, had been arrested four times previously for aggravated stalking. The target in each case was the same female victim whose car went up in a fiery blaze.

Chester pleaded no contest with two of the cases. He was convicted on the fourth charge of aggravated stalking in October. He was released from prison on Jan. 15. Four days later he renewed his vendetta against the 56-year-old victim. His movements were tracked using the ankle monitoring system Chester had to wear as a condition of his probation. On Dec. 13, Chester was sentenced on the final offense to four years in jail, three years with a one-year enhancement as a habitual offender.

According to court documents, Chester was incarcerated in Chaves County Detention Center when he arranged the arson. Servantez was one of two named co-conspirators, along with Isaiah Chavez, 23, who was Chester’s cellmate. Detectives learned of a conversation where Servantez allegedly described specifics about the arson. The police also traced three $200 deposits made to Chavez’s bank account by Chester.

When Servantez was picked up by the police, she had a small American flag, a handcuff key and a cell phone.

Servantez is being held at Chaves County Detention Center on the no-bond warrant for failure to appear and $100,000 cash or surety bond on the conspiracy to commit arson charges.

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