2012 crime in review

January 5, 2013 • Local News

As 2013 begins, it is time to review the statistics for 2012. The Roswell Police Department’s statistics are tabulated periodically. The compilation of the annual total has been delayed since statistical data has yet to be integrated into the new computer system. Commander Bill Brown said that by March new year-to-date reports will be available every month. Until that time, the figures have to be calculated manually. Most of the figures reported here run from January to July, 2012.

For comparison purposes, though, RPD spokeswoman Sabrina Morales provided information on the number of calls made by the public reporting a specific crime — in this case, burglary — for the period from August to December. Calls refers to emergency calls to dispatch and not how a crime may be classified by the investigating officers. [auth] Burglary calls may later be entered into the system as something else, such as: larceny, breaking and entering, attempted breaking and entering, criminal damage, incident or criminal trespass. Conversely, some calls made about a larceny may later be registered by the reporting officers as a burglary.

The figures for burglaries in 2012 stack up as follows: reported burglaries, in other words confirmed cases, for the period from January to July, 2012, is 304. Meanwhile; the number of calls made by members of the public reporting a burglary from August to December was 442.

The total of reported burglaries and burglar calls, 746, appear to be an increase from the 619 burglaries reported by patrol officers in 2011, which was an increase from the 538 reported in 2010. However, in 2008 and 2009, there were 779 and 738 reported burglaries respectively.

The rest of these figures cover reports only for the period from January to July. For example reports of property damage due to accidents, 805. Criminal damage reports numbered 439. The number of assaults reported were 220. Domestic violence (physical) numbered 274, and verbal or domestic disputes were 281.

The final figure for homicides in 2012 was eight — the same figure as last year — with three homicides taking place during the period of November and December. The County reported three homicides in 2012.

In terms of arrests made subsequent to homicide investigation are listed below:
•Ruben Archuletta Jr., arrest made.
•Ruben Archuletta, Sr. arrest made.
•Arnulfo Villelas, Jr. arrest made.
•Marquis Franco (no arrests)
•Richard Herrera (no arrests)
•Saul Sanchez (person/s of interest)
•Arthur Contreras, arrest made.
•Xavyr Herrera (no arrests)
•Charlie Molinas (person/s of interest)
•Mark Walters (person/s of interest)
•Salvador Briseno (no arrests).

The total number of adult arrests made by the RPD during the period from January to July was 1,963; juvenile arrests were 351
Many cases are now pending in the courts. Some homicides date back to 2011. Some have been recently resolved, with Mario Montoya pleading guilty to a charge of second-degree murder and being sentenced in the final days of 2012. The homicides reveal the tip of the iceberg. The attorneys at the District Attorney’s office average 300 cases a year, with a daily caseload between 125 and 150. No figures were available on the average caseload for the attorneys from the Public Defender’s office.

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