Espinoza looks for a ‘common sense approach’ to federal budget

January 3, 2013 • Local News

One resolution Rep. Nora Espinoza, R-Roswell, has for the new year is to carry several bills into the state’s legislature.

One of which is a two-part proposal, the Balanced Budget Amendment/Limited Delegation Act, with the goal of working with other states to plan a constitutional convention to form a federal balanced budget act.

Espinoza said the annual budget deficits in Washington, D.C. are more than a trillion dollars a year and have increased the national debt to more than $16 [auth] trillion.

Other states have already passed the amendment and Espinoza hopes more will join.

“This proposal is a common sense approach to a badly managed federal budgeting system,” she said.

Another bill Espinoza supports would allow anesthesiologist assistants (AA’s) to practice outside of the UNM system to expand medical services to rural areas.

“If (AA’s) can work there, why not allow them to work anywhere else in New Mexico?” she said. “If you go and get a degree, why should you be censored and not be allowed to work anywhere else? That’s not what America’s about.”

Espinoza is also working on two consumer protection bills. One would prevent subcontractors being able to put a lien on a home without the homeowner’s knowledge or permission. The other bill would allow police officers to tow vehicles if the driver is pulled over and unable to verify proof of insurance.

Drivers with insurance have to pay more to cover those without it, Espinoza said, so the goal of the bill is to encourage those without proper insurance to comply with the state’s traffic and insurance laws.

Also on Espinoza’s agenda is a Constitutional Amendment bill that would allow voters to define marriage as being between one man and one woman, as well as a women’s health bill that would protect a women’s right to know the risks associated with an abortion procedure and its alternatives.

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