Alamogordo man writes about cancer survival

December 31, 2012 • State News

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (AP) — There is always a silver lining with local author and cancer survivor Keith E. Gerber. When Gerber was diagnosed with stage four melanoma, his life was forever changed.

“On July 23, 1992, I was told I had less than a year to live,” Gerber said. “The doctor told me to say my goodbyes.”

He explained that even when he thought he was going to die he was able to find reason to be thankful.

“I was glad it was me and not someone in my family,” he said. “I think it would have been harder for me to deal with someone I love being sick.”

The experience was still trying for him and he started dealing with his feelings by writing.

“I write when I am overcome with emotion,” Gerber said. “I find that it helps me cope with my emotions.”

His first book, “I Have Lived: Life from a Cancer Survivor’s Login to read more

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