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December 14, 2012 • Local News

Blue collar comedian Daniel Lawrence Whitney — better known as Larry the Cable Guy — was in Roswell this week to film an episode of “Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy,” a reality TV show that takes Whitney across the country to explore the unique lifestyles of Americans.

Portions of the episode were filmed on Wednesday and Thursday in the UFO Museum, where Whitney met with Houston UFO abduction expert Derrel Sims, local UFO researcher Clifford Stone and the museum’s geologist Frank Kimbler.

“He was here to try to find out about aliens,” Mark Briscoe, UFO Museum operational manager, said. “He has a lot of fun, but he was real [auth] interested in it.”

The episode is expected to air in 2013 on the History Channel for the show’s third season and include a segment where Kimbler shows Whitney debris found at the Roswell crash site, Briscoe said. “He talked to several different researchers and just asked how did we know and if we had ever seen any aliens.

“He was looking at some of the artifacts that we have, and our geologist visited with him about what he had found recently out at the crash site. We’re waiting on one more national laboratory for the final results before we release anything (about the debris). So he got to look at that and some of the other stuff that had been sent in. It was a lot of fun.”

Briscoe said the show’s producers released a weather balloon that carried a Larry the Cable Guy bobblehead that had an alien clinging to its back. He said the footage of the balloon’s flight includes shots of the curvature of the Earth, the blackness of space and moments when the balloon pops and makes its way back to Earth.

Briscoe said he thinks the TV crew also filmed in other areas of Roswell that pertain to UFOs and aliens. He said Whitney ate in a few restaurants while in Roswell, including Cattle Baron and Tijuana’s.

“He really liked Roswell. He really likes New Mexico,” Briscoe said. “He said he likes all the cowboys. In fact, he plans on bringing his kids and his wife next time he gets some time off.”

“He thought it was a real neat community, and he thinks it’s neat how everyone is behind the museum. He likes the (alien) eyes on the light posts, he thinks that’s pretty cool.”

After filming in Roswell, the crew headed to Alamogordo where they were expected to film at the New Mexico Museum of Space History and White Sands National Monument.

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