Ask Rhoda Coakley why elections are held in November

December 14, 2012 • Local News

Rhoda Coakley pulls records from a shelf at the County Clerk’s Office, Thursday. Noah Vernau Photo

If you’ve ever looked for something at the Chaves County Clerk’s Office, you might think of Rhoda Coakley in the same light as a treasure hunter. She has served as the County Clerk for more than two decades in her 35 years as a county employee, locating records for people of all trades, for all purposes. There’s usually a hint, there’s always a search, and sometimes, there’s good fortune.

“I really get a big thrill out of running my finger down the books and just looking for the names,” Coakley said of her job. “It is kind of interesting that we can go back and find every document, every receipt by just a few little clues.

“We do a lot of research for people looking for a long-lost relative, and it’s fun to go back into the old days, find their record and bring it to their attention.”

Coakley fondly recalls how a woman who walked in hoping to ascertain the source of a receipt led to a fascinating and fruitful discovery.

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