Lawrence testifies to keep license

December 11, 2012 • Local News

The witness testimony for the hearing of the New Mexico Public Education Department vs. David Lawrence was held, Monday, at the Roswell Independent School District school board room. The hearing was called to review the former Goddard High School coach’s licensing as a school teacher following allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Notice of Contemplated Action was not issued until Nov. 11, 2011, after Lawrence had been acquitted on charges of criminal sexual contact of a minor. The PED document stated: “Sufficient evidence exists to justify … suspending, revoking or taking other disciplinary action against the Licensee’s (Lawrence) license.”

Consulting attorney for the PED Chris Romero reviewed the previous investigations into the purported inappropriate relationship between Lawrence and a Goddard High School student which left Lawrence subject to possible disciplinary action.

Romero asked Kayla Powell to tell the hearing about what she felt was a burgeoning relationship between herself and Lawrence. She described attempts to get his attention and one late-night visit to the Lawrence home after the Goddard versus Roswell High School basketball game when she said he had reportedly fondled her before rejecting her and telling her to leave his home.

When Romero asked if Lawrence had ever told her that this was wrong, she replied, “no.”

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  1. ward81812 says:

    and once again palmer writes what she wants to write and not the truth. WAY TO GO AGAIN….and maybe just stay the hell out of it. this story has been told enough and everytime the newspaper writes only what they want to hear and NOT THE TRUTH!!!!!!! or not the part where the girl admitts she is a damn pathological LIER

  2. grayfox says:

    What part of this story is not the truth? It seems like very factual reporting to me.

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