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December 7, 2012 • Local Business Review


Marilyn Cozzens started her tax business in 1982 in California and has been an “Enrolled Agent” since 1985. Marilyn returned to Roswell in 2003 and has operated Cozzens Tax Service since that time. Marilyn keeps abreast of all changes in tax law by completing a minimum of 30 hours a year of continuing education and is a member of the New Mexico Society of Enrolled Agents. The IRS desiginates Enrolled Agents as “American Tax Experts”. Call Marilyn at 627-5871.

Marilyn Cozzens was born in Roswell, NM in the old Saint Mary’s Hospital. She returned to Roswell in 2003 to make this her permanent home, bringing her tax business with her.

Marilyn started her tax business in 1982 as a second career after deciding that the Medical Technologist field did not have opportunities to advance. So, while working full time as a Medical Technologist, she started taking business and accounting courses, enough to get a second degree.

Marilyn says, “My main philosophy in my tax business is to see that my clients pay the least amount of tax that they are legally required to pay. It bothers me that the tax system is [auth] built upon and operates under the premise of intimidation.” She feels strongly that is why tax payers need an advocate on their side in any and all dealings with the IRS.

Marilyn has been an Enrolled Agent since 1985 and in addition to doing all types of tax returns she has specialized in Client Tax Representation. To become an Enrolled Agent you have to pass a rigorous examination given by the IRS on all phases of tax, including ethics.

Marilyn graduated from NTPI (National Tax Practices Institute) in the second graduating class and has attended numerous advanced tax representation courses including attending American Academy of Tax Practitioners for the past seven years.

Enrolled Agents have recently been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as “American Tax Experts” and are uniquely positioned to not only provide excellent tax preparation but also outstanding tax representation. Enrolled Agents (as well as CPA’s and attorneys) are regulated by the IRS under circular 230.

Enrolled Agents have to get a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education each year to maintain their license. Marilyn has also exceeded that amount as she feels it is essential to stay on the cutting edge of tax law changes in order to provide her clients with the absolute best service.

“My clients are treated in a very professional manner and provided with outstanding service,” Marilyn says. “In moving my tax business from California to New Mexico I have retained my California clients. I still have clients from when I first started my business in 1982.”

“Some of my clients moved from California to other states and continue to mail their tax information to me each year for tax preparation.”

Since the IRS is the major source of revenue for the government, they are becoming more aggressive in collecting tax revenues. It is intimidating to deal with a powerful government agency like the IRS, which is why it is essential for tax payers to have a knowledgeable advocate protecting their interests.

Marilyn says, “I enjoy dealing with the IRS and protecting my client’s interests. I provide tax preparation services for all types of tax – individual, partnership, corporation, fiduciary, estate, gift and payroll.” In addition, Marilyn provides representation for audits, collection issues, appeals, etc. In short, any issues dealing with the IRS or state taxing authorities.

Marilyn was a member of the California Society of Enrolled Agents from 1985 until 2003, holding the following positions in the Mission Chapter of the Society: Secretary for two years; Vice President two years; and Director two years. She also was an elected delegate to the National Association of Enrolled Agents National Convention for four years.

Upon her return to New Mexico, Marilyn has become a member of the New Mexico Society of Enrolled Agents and is currently serving her second term as Secretary. Last fall Marilyn was selected as one of 24 attendees to attend the National Association of Enrolled Agent’s Leadership Academy held in Albuquerque.

With the changing climate of the IRS regulating tax preparers, Enrolled Agents now have a unique opportunity to place themselves as America’s Tax Experts. “I would welcome the opportunity to provide tax and representation services to anyone that needs my expertise,” Marilyn says.

Marilyn operates Cozzens Tax Service and the hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. now, and from 8:30 until 5:30 during tax season. You can reach Marilyn at 627-5871 for excellent tax service.

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