Albertson’s employee finds gun with ribs

December 7, 2012 • Local News

An employee of Albertsons, 1110 S. Main St., received a surprise, Wednesday, when he opened a case of frozen beef ribs and found a Rock Island Armory .38 Super Automatic handgun. The gun contained a magazine with seven bullets.

The package originated from the Swift Meat Packing Plant in Greeley, Colo. The date for freezing was marked June 8, 2011.

According to factory [auth] specifications, the Rock Island Armory .38 magazine holds nine rounds, meaning two rounds were missing.

RPD spokesman Sgt. Jim Preston referred to the incident as strange. “The police department will try to determine where this firearm is coming from. We will do a federal firearms trace.”

He estimated that it could take weeks to months to complete a full check of documentation through the ATF.

When asked if he believed the gun had been used in the commission of a crime, he said, “We can speculate on a lot of things.”

According to the public information officer for Greeley Police Department, Sgt. Susie West, the Roswell Police Department notified their department Wednesday of the gun’s presence in Roswell. She said the case has been turned over to their investigation division’s gang taskforce, who will be looking into it to see if it may have been used in the commission of any crime.

The Daily Record contacted the Swift Meat Packing Plant and left voice mails, but received no response about how this gun may have gotten into a case of their meat.

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