Roswell Rapid Wash – the ‘touch-free’ car wash. Try it…. You’ll like it!

December 5, 2012 • Local Business Review

Roswell [auth] Rapid Wash, located at 1108 North Main Street, uses modern technology to thoroughly clean the outside of your vehicle. 24 hour surveillance and modern technology offer service with convenience. The landscaping has been opened up for better visibility. Donald Ragsdale is the new Manager at Roswell Rapid Wash. For questions or more information, please call Donald at 317-7467.

With Roswell Rapid Wash, $5.00 and 5 minutes of your time, and you are driving a clean car!

Roswell Rapid Wash offers a safe, well-lit, 24-hour place to wash your vehicles. They just completed a major upgrade of the car wash equipment. It now performs like it did when it first opened. YES, TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT! There is 24-hour surveillance and Roswell Rapid Wash is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year for your convenience. There are carpet shampooers, vacuums and even fragrance dispensers on site.

Roswell Rapid Wash is the only touch-free car wash in Roswell. Others pre-scrub or some other service before you run through for cleaning. It’s great to have a place where you can get a quick wash and be able to get on with your busy schedule. No gratuities needed.

They recently finished the major upgrade of the equipment to give you the best car wash in town. Go by 1108 North Main Street to see what improvements have been made in the Tri-Color System; and TripleX Rhino heavy duty soap helps clean the road grime off; upgraded RO System to improve spot-free rinse.

Roswell Rapid Wash, conveniently located at 1108 N. Main St. and is the perfect place to go when you need a good, quick car wash so you can get on about your business. This helps you keep your vehicle clean at minimal cost.

Please call the new Manager Donald Ragsdale at 317-7467 with any questions or for more information.




Wakefield Oil’s ‘Card Lock’ system offers 24-hour unattended gasoline or diesel fueling at six locations



Wakefield Oil is a wholesale distributor of gasoline, diesel and oil plus offers a full service gas station at 311 South Virginia along with oil changes and minor repairs. The main thing they offer is service! Wakefield also has six 24-hour Card Lock stations around the area.

Wakefield Oil Card Lock

Wakefield 24 Hour Card Lock locations are open now at:

• 311 South Virginia in Roswell – at Wakefield’s full service station

• 3200 North Main in Roswell

• 179 East Darby in Midway

• 901 South First St. in Artesia

• 406 North First St. in Artesia

• Mayhill, NM

These are 24 hour “pay at the pump stations” for businesses. Wakefield Oil is expanding to be more convenient for your business. Watch for more locations to open in southeast New Mexico. Please call 575-622-4160 for information.

Wakefield Oil Co. full service station

Wakefield Oil Company, at 311 South Virginia, knows their customers and pride themselves on giving good service to each and every customer because service is what Wakefield Oil is known for.

Wakefield Oil does everything in their power to acknowledge and wait on their customers quickly. Wakefield considers it a privilege to provide you service, and you can still expect them to go the extra mile – every time you drive into the station.

The crew at Wakefield’s will fill the tank, check the oil or tire pressure if you desire – and they will wash your windows for you.

THAT’S SERVICE!   …and always with a smile! Please phone 622-4160 or 624-0033 for more information.

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