November 23, 2012 • Dear Editor

Asphalt gypsies

Dear Editor:

A word of warning to our fellow Roswellites and Eddy County residents. We have asphalt scammers in our area from out of state.

If you will look up “asphalt scams” you will see word for word what these con artists say to get on your property. They drive mostly in the rural areas and knock on your doors. They will tell you they have asphalt left over from a job they just finished so they can do your driveway at a discounted price, “you will be doing us a favor,” they tell you, “but don’t tell any of your neighbors since we are giving you such a discounted price.”

They will mislead you with what sounds like a reasonable amount. [auth] You will know they are lying because their mouths will be moving. The material they use is of the poorest quality and they don’t put the asphalt thick enough to meet minimum standards so it won’t hold up to the tons of weight they say can drive on it. After they finish, the price will be double to triple (if not more) and they will try to intimidate you into writing a check immediately! At first, they will say pay at your convenience but as soon as they’re finished it’s more money and they want it now! That’s how they work, by intimidation! Please do not give them any money.

If you have already been scammed by these asphalt gypsies, please call the Attorney Generals office at 505-827-6000. They will get a complaint form sent to you. Please take the time to fill it out and not only demand your money back but ask for their license to be revoked and they be thrown out of not only Roswell but New Mexico. If we all band together, we can keep our community safe from riff raft like this. If it wasn’t for the kindness of one of our neighbors, we too would have ended up one of their victims. Help us help you.

Grateful someone notified us,

Maggy and Roger Slayton


Musicians welcome

Dear Editor:

This Christmas season I invite all Roswell musicians and singers to bring Christmas cheer to our community though the opportunity to take up your instruments and use your voices at our Red Kettles placed around our city. Please understand we are not asking you to fund raise for the Salvation Army, our volunteers and staff do that, however, because of our presence I extend you the opportunity at our kettles to bring cheer by joining us at the kettle to carol or perform.

Again, our volunteers will take care of the kettle, I’m just hoping you’ll take the time to bless the city through your talent. It would be wonderful to fill our city with holiday mirth through song and music. I invite you to play at our kettles.


Capt. Beau Perez

The Salvation Army

Roswell Corps

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