Economy makes for tougher Thanksgiving journeys

November 22, 2012 • Business

Fred Errington, left, and Deborah Gewertz of Amherst, Mass., wait for an Amtrak train to arrive at Union Station in Hartford, Conn., Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012. They planned to travel to New York City on the busiest travel day of the year to meet friends for Thanksgiving (AP Photo/Dave Collins)

CHICAGO (AP) — Millions of Americans piled their families into cars, hopped on buses and waited out delays at airports Wednesday as they set off on Thanksgiving treks that many said required financial sacrifice, help from relatives to come up with airfare and hours searching online for deals.

Accepting that the road out of the recession will be long, many said they’ve become savvier or at least hardier travelers — resilient enough to brave a day-long drive with the kids or a long haul by bus instead of flying. Others adjusted their travel schedules to try to save money, flying on less popular days or to airports that were a bit farther from their destination.

The weather, along with the economy, handed setbacks to some. Heavy fog shrouded Chicago, causing more than 1,600 delays or cancellations in and out of its two airports and sending ripples around the nation.

And at New York City’s Penn Station, a power failure in a switching system halted all trains for more than an hour at the height of the evening Login to read more

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