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November 21, 2012 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses

Nov. 8

Fernando Aron Velazco Leon, 30, of Chaparral, and Dever J. Applewhite, 20, of Roswell.

Nov. 9

Rene L. Carreon, 36, and Peggy S. Lopez, 39, both of Roswell.

Oliverio Herminio-Salgado, 28, and Veronica Lupercio, 19, both of Roswell.

Nov. 13

Wyeth Gregg Easley, 46, and Monique K. Pierce, 36, both of Roswell.

Thomas A. Martinez, 28, and Julyana J. Villa-Gauna, 27, both of Roswell.


Filed Oct. 31

Trina Karen Brown vs Richard Wayne Brown

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