November 18, 2012 • Dear Editor

Praise for Veterans Day event

Dear Editor:

To all who took part in the Goddard High School’s veterans assembly, I want to take the time to express my family’s sincere thank you for your part in the assembly recognizing our veterans, home and abroad, living and deceased, and the families of these brave men and women.

The Patriot Guard welcomed all with a solemn flag line that displayed reverence. They stood quietly by with some GHS students teaching the lesson of respect for those who gave and those who continue to give of themselves for our freedoms. Thank you for being teachers to all who were lucky enough to see and feel your presence.

New Mexico Military Institute graciously trained and allowed the cadets to bring in the colors with honor and respect. SGM Fabec, we thank you and all who had a part in training these young people. We were moved by the quiet entrance and execution of this time honored display of patriotism. Thank you to the cadets who were well trained and had the pride to participate. We commend you.

The GHS students, one and all, could not [auth] have made the veterans feel more welcome and respected. I have participated as an Army veteran in past years, however, this was my husband’s first time and he was very moved by the event as a whole and our students in particular. Excellent job GHS students and staff for all that you did to recognize all of the veterans! The notes that you wrote brought tears to more than one set of eyes that day! I don’t know how to express just how wonderful you made us feel. We had our two young grandchildren there to see those who gave and continue to give in service to their country. They are young so perhaps not all of it will be understood right now but they did see and we will continue to teach them. I am proud to be part of such a tremendous group of staff and students.

To our son who has served for a bit over 10 years now, a former Goddard Rocket, you may not have been able to attend, but as always, you are in our hearts, thus there. To you and all of the other former students who now serve, thank you.

I did not put New Mexico Youth ChalleNGe Academy (a National Guard youth program) last by chance. Thank you, for the most dignified and expert display of presenting our flag that I personally have ever seen on this scale at the Roswell High-Goddard football game. We were awestruck at the precision and presentation of the Holiday Flag. I know that you trained specially for this event. I have seen your display in the stands at past games and they have been wonderful. Being able to change the presentation was a display of your character and duty to mission. You did not merely march onto the field with respect and present the flag, you did so such that it could be seen in glory.

As if that were not enough, you then as a unit turned the flag to enable us as the visitors at the game to also be able to see it and then marched off, again with deep respect. What a testimony for your youth, your cadre and all who had any part in this honored event. I cannot begin to thank all of you enough. I pray that you all remember that night as one that made a huge impact on many people.

To all who helped “behind the scenes” and care not whether they are named or not, thank you for giving of yourself. To Mr. Brian Luck (GHS principal) and Mr. Ruben Bolanos (RHS principal), thank you. To Mr. Hill and Mr. Fancher, thank you for the vision. Ms. Nolan, thank you for your willingness to take the helm. To all of GHS, again, thank you.

May we all never let our children forget the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and any to come. May we teach our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations what sacrifice is, and about those who have sacrificed. May we teach them all to respect and take the time to show it. May we never ever let them forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, to them we owe our freedom.


Lori Arther


Let them leave

Dear Editor:

Alabama and Mississippi say they want to secede from the Union. I don’t think that would be altogether bad for us because our government gives them much more money than we get back in taxes. It would be a win-win situation for the rest of us.

John Ford


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