November 14, 2012 • Dear Editor

Praise for Pearce

Dear Editor:

I wanted to write and remind Chaves County that we have a fantastic congressman and that is Steve Pearce! My family lives in Long Beach, N.Y.
When hurricane Sandy came crashing through the town, my niece, who is in a wheelchair, was in the house when the ocean came up the stairs and into the basement up to the first floor. I didn’t know what to do to make contact with her to make sure she and my other family members were safe, so I called Congressman Pearce’s office. [auth] They got on it and reached FEMA and asked for emergency assistance to go to the house and check to see if anyone was there. My family got out the day after the hurricane and was safe.

The congressman’s advisers and assistants Andrea and Patrick went those extra miles to get help for my family and get information back to me. Without Congressman Pearce and his staff I would have not heard from my family for days.

I don’t know how to thank them except to write this letter so people understand that we have a very special man who was re-elected to represent New Mexico and our country.


Jo McInerney


GHS Veterans Day event

Dear Editor:

I am a senior at Goddard High School and my grandpa, Bob Bolin, is a Vietnam veteran. He was in the Army, 101st Airborne 2nd-11 ACR Black Horse Platoon during the years of 1971-1972. Last year I invited him to attend the Veterans Day assembly at Goddard High School.

That day I saw how much he appreciated it so I invited him again this year as well. He once again enjoyed the assembly as my sister Amber Hurst (a freshman) and I escorted him through the many students who were thanking him. Yesterday he came to me and told me thank you for inviting him because after all these years the first veterans assembly I invited him to was the first time he really felt thanked for his service. So I just wanted to thank Goddard High School for supporting our veterans and thank you papa for fighting for our country!


Alexis Hurst


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