November 11, 2012 • Dear Editor

Lend-A-Hand closes

Dear Editor:

After more than 30 years of helping [auth] those who help the neediest in our community, Lend-A-Hand Inc. has ceased operations and is no longer accepting donations. The regret we feel in taking this step is tempered by gratitude for the local churches who banded together in 1981 to improve emergency services to those in need and who have loyally sustained Lend-A-Hand’s work over the years; other organizations and individuals who contributed time, facilities, and other services to fundraising; and the thousands of “ordinary” people whose gifts of money, food, and prayer made a difference for so many.

We are also proud of helping to start some of the local agencies that today continue to serve those in need, and we urge everyone to support these and others by contributing directly to them.

An executive committee is currently dealing with the details of shutting down Lend-A-Hand and has distributed most of the remaining funds to the provider agencies designated by the board of directors at its August meeting. The office has been closed and the telephone disconnected.

You may contact us by mail at PO Box 1271, Roswell, NM 88202-1271.


The Lend-A-Hand Executive Committee:

Lynne Ybarra, president

Barbara Harris, vice-president

Judy Stubbs, secretary

Deanne Wolf, treasurer

Roberta Hayes, past president


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