November 4, 2012 • Dear Editor

Better energy source needed

Dear Editor:

It’s election time again and we are being asked to give more tax dollars to the government for schools and libraries here in New Mexico. I support both entities, but what ever happened to the gas and oil tax dollars or the lottery tax dollars that were suppose to support them.

Every two years we are asked to pay more property tax for schools and libraries. I would have to say, something is not working. Maybe spending is the problem. My issue with automatic general obligation bonds is that they are automatic. Let’s see, what can we spend tax payer money on this year?

While researching material to figure out why the government continues to ignore Thorium Energy, I kept coming across government funded projects that made absolutely no sense in this day and age and a waste of taxpayers’ money. Let’s take for example Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s bill in the Senate to expand WIPP or build a completely new underground repository for highly radioactive nuclear waste in southeast New Mexico between Hobbs and Carlsbad. How expensive do you think that project might be? The U.S. government has already spent $12 billion on Yucca Mountain over the past 30 years to centrally store all the radioactive waste from U.S. nuclear power plants and then, just like that, stopped funding the project and left a big long tunnel in the ground. I have got to admit, it does store a lot of waste; of our tax dollars. Senator Bingaman and local politicians want to do it again.

A second example project right here in New Mexico was up in Los Alamos. They proposed to build a facility named Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement Facility. It’s almost as if the name was chosen to put us all to sleep before someone looked very closely at the project and found that it was designed to increase production capacity for the plutonium components of nuclear warheads. Talk about out of touch!

Luckily, this $6 billion boondoggle was stopped in Congress by a few dedicate Login to read more

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