Suit claims civil rights violation

November 2, 2012 • Local News

A civil lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court Oct. 16 against David Lawrence, a former coach and teacher at Goddard High School, the Roswell School Board and the Roswell Independent School District. The suit stems from criminal charges filed against Lawrence of criminal sexual contact of a minor, charges of which he was acquitted.

The complaint filed by Carolyn M. “Cammie” Nichols and Brendan K. Eagan of the Rothstein Law Firm states that Lawrence and the RISD violated the plaintiff’s 14th Amendment rights. The 14th Amendment was designed to protect an individual’s civil rights and prohibits any state or government entity from denying any person within its jurisdiction equal protection under the law.

The complaint alleges that the “Defendant RISD and Goddard High School have tolerated and/or encouraged an ongoing, widespread and pervasive culture of inappropriate sexual behavior.”

In terms of Lawrence, it reports: “… Defendant Lawrence had made sexual advances, engaged in inappropriate conduct, and/or had inappropriate romantic relationships with other minor female Login to read more

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  1. ward81812 says:

    Good god palmer….leave stuff out that doesn’t need to be said… The girl wants a buy out and thats it… Quit feeling sorry for a person who is trying to ruin a man’s life. She is pathetic and needs to move the hell on. He was found not guilty for a reason!!!!!! 12 strangers found him.not guilty!!!!!

  2. ward81812 says:

    Interesting that u mention poor Kelsey Gardner a million times when u seemed to leave out the girl who is causing all this bullshit….kayla Powell

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