Romney for president

October 31, 2012 • Editorial

There’s no disputing that when President Barack Obama was elected to office he faced daunting challenges on multiple fronts. However, he has now had ample time to demonstrate his ability to turn this nation around, and he has been found wanting. Mitt Romney is our country’s best chance to achieve a return to economic prosperity.

Obama has been unjustly blamed for many of the hardships we have faced which were outside his control. He has likewise been wrongly praised for improvements for which he deserves no credit. In the final summation, Obama’s guiding philosophies of “big government” and “spreading the wealth” have had disasterous repercussions for America. To prolong his time in the White House would mean the continuation of a socialist mind-set which could spell the economic ruin of our nation.

Romney recognizes we can no longer [auth] pursue a policy of punishing the successful and rewarding those who lack the ability or drive to achieve. Too many people now rely on social programs as hammocks rather than the safety nets for which they were intended.

America is the land of equal opportunity, not equal outcome. The government has no business intruding into the marketplace to select winners and losers based on political ideology.

Our nation rose to greatness based on the idea that hard work and intelligent decisions are rewarded. We are now faltering because many of our leaders have abandoned that philosophy. Personal responsibility and the realities of a free market must once again be embraced to return us to prosperity.

Romney will work to ensure that success and failure will be based on economic realities rather than the taxpayer-financed meddling of the government. We can ill afford another four years pretending government is the solution instead of the problem.

The Daily Record endorses Mitt Romney for president.

Wilson for U.S. Senate

New Mexico’s influence in Washington has suffered repeated blows in recent years as our senior members of Congress have gone into retirement.

We desperately need lawmakers who can minimize the damage caused by our lack of seniority. In the contest between Heather Wilson and Martin Heinrich, we believe Wilson has a decided advantage when it comes to representing our state at the federal level.

While Heinrich is currently serving in the House, he has only been in office since 2009. Wilson served in the House for a decade. The knowledge gained during her lengthy service would be invaluable to our state and nation.

Wilson’s accomplishments leading up to her election to the House in 1998 demonstrate exemplary intelligence and motivation. At 17, she entered the U.S. Air Force Academy. She became a Rhodes Scholar and earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in international relations from Oxford University. While serving as an officer in the Air Force she worked with our nation’s NATO allies. In 1989, she served on the National Security Council staff as director for European defense policy and arms control at the White House.

In 1995, Wilson was took charge of New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department where she led efforts to reform child welfare laws, modernize the juvenile justice system and improve early childhood education.

Given her resume and congressional experience, Wilson is by far the more qualified candidate.

The Daily Record endorses Heather Wilson for U.S. Senate.

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