Jazz Festival enjoyed

October 24, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

My wife and I attended this year’s Roswell Jazz Festival for the first time and were immensely impressed. The players are top notch and we can tell they are having a great time performing at the festival. We know because we attend major jazz parties all over the country including those in Atlanta, West Texas and San Diego. We only wish we had been aware of the festival years ago.

Roswell should be proud to have organized this festival and supported it over the years. We enjoyed all the venues where the jazz sessions were held and very much liked the restaurants where we ate each night.

We were also amazed at the quality of the red wine (petite sirah) we bought at Pecos Flavors Winery. We tried it and liked it so much we went back and bought more for ourselves and friends. We definitely plan to attend the festival again next year and will promote it to all our jazz friends here in Colorado. Hoorah for Roswell and the Roswell Jazz Festival!

Mike Wilson

Lakewood, Colo.

Helping the hungry

Dear Editor:

It is amazing and wondrous to see a community that comes together to help those less fortunate. I am [auth] writing in response to the article titled “Food Drive to Help Nearly Depleted Pantry” posted online on Oct. 16. Thank you Roswell Daily Record for partnering with The Salvation Army to host a food drive on their behalf and the clients served by their efforts.

Hunger and poverty in our state have never been higher than they are today. The USDA recently released figures showing that nearly one in four New Mexicans are experiencing hunger in our state compared to 21 percent just a year ago. The U.S. Census also released information in September showing that New Mexico ranked as the second most poverty stricken state in the U.S.

The hundreds of partner agencies our five affiliated food banks serve across the state continue to tell us that record numbers of people are showing up to their door and need help with food. And, people who need help with food are relying on food assistance programs not just for temporary assistance, but for longer-term help. Our fellow New Mexicans are more frequently accessing our partner agencies as a regular means of help with food.

And right now is a perfect storm of events. The food we distribute to partners across the state comes from various sources. Some of those food sources are providing less food. For example, in the last year, federal commodity food supplied to our member food banks has decreased by 30 percent.

Even with that news, we are proud to report Roadrunner Food Bank has been able to distribute more food than last year to 18 agencies in Chaves County. The first four months of this fiscal year show Chaves County has received 234,320 pounds of food compared to 227,583 during the same time period last fiscal year.

Much of the increase in pounds to Chaves County comes from great partnerships by food donors through our Food Rescue Program. These are retail businesses such as Target, Sam’s Club, Walmart and others that give food to agencies in Chaves County and kept right in Chaves County. These retail partners have helped keep the amount of pounds in Chaves County up when other sources of food are currently diminished and at risk.

Thank you to all the Food Rescue Partners and our agencies for being resourceful in difficult times.

It takes us all to make our community a better place and we hope that Chaves County residents take the time to participate in this food drive and ones also held on behalf of our other agencies (Walmart will be hosting a food drive in November for Harvest Ministries). Get involved with the local food programs in Chaves County. Host a food drive for any of our affiliated partner agencies, and contact our congressional delegation to protect federal food programs such as commodity foods and SNAP (food stamp benefits). Each of our partner agencies needs you and we need your involvement too. Your support in fighting hunger ensures that our neighbors suffering from hunger in silence aren’t alone.

Here is a list of all our affiliated agencies to reach out and help: Boys and Girls Club in Roswell, Chaves County J.O.Y. Centers, Central Church of the Nazarene, Christ’s Church, Church on the Move, Community Kitchen, Harvest Ministries of Roswell, Loaves and Fishes Community Food Pantry, Midway Assembly of God Church, Neighborhood Church of the Nazarene, Reflections Ministries, Rivers of Life International, Roswell II Foursquare Church, Roswell Refuge Shelter, Roswell W.F.L. Inc, Salvation Army – Roswell, St. Peter Good Samaritan and Trinity House of Praise, PCG.

Thank you for taking action and getting involved!


Kathy Komoll

Executive Director

New Mexico Association of Food Banks

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