Martinez to Roswell: Let’s fix this

October 21, 2012 • Local News

Gov. Susana Martinez and husband Chuck Franco greet well-wishers at First Christian Church, Saturday. Mark Wilson Photo

Gov. Susana Martinez wanted to make one thing clear to the city of Roswell, Saturday.
In the afternoon she attended a rally at the First Christian Church along with Robert Corn, Candy Spence Ezzell and Cliff Pirtle, all of whom are running for office. They all addressed the crowd and spoke on key issues that affect the state such as education and the controversial Real I.D. Act.

Martinez heavily endorsed Pirtle and Ezzell and urged voters to put the right people in office so they can move the state of New Mexico in a positive direction. She ended by assuring the crowd that she will never stop fighting for those who put her in office.

As the crowd dispersed, several people stayed to chat with the candidates and some walked across the street to cast their votes. Many left satisfied with the words spoken [auth] during the rally.

One of those individuals was Johnnie C. Stites, who said the governor’s words compelled him to vote that same day. He said he appreciated how all of her plans were laid out in plain English.

“It made a lot more sense now than it has in the past,” he said. “When people say one thing, it ends up being the opposite. She’s pushing forward and whatever she wants to get done, I know it’s going to get done.”

Festivities then moved to the Yucca Center on S. Richardson, and the pep rally-style meeting fired up constituents, including Georgia Perry, who was compelled to volunteer her time during these last few weeks of the election season. She said she feels Martinez’s intentions have been genuine from the moment she took office.

“I have followed her career from the time she was an Assistant D.A. to the present,” she said. “And I like her because she keeps her promises. If she says she’s going to do something, she’s going to do it, no matter how painful it is. She doesn’t bow to political pressure.”

Martinez said she wanted people to head to their polling stations fully informed of how their candidates feel, and to vote on certain issues that directly affect them.

“The main point I want people to take from this event is that they need to know who they’re voting for and what they stand for,” she said. “Because when they get to the Roundhouse and start to vote on things that are important to people from Roswell and the county, they need to be able to represent them the way they want to be represented and have confidence that what they say here in Roswell and promise they’re going to do, they deliver in Santa Fe.”

She said one of the main concerns people approached her with Saturday was why the state is forty-eighth in the nation in education. She talked about what Tim Jennings and other democrats have voted on and said it’s quite obvious the state is not getting anywhere and is in dire need of change.

Pirtle echoed these sentiments and said he promises the people that if elected, he will “represent them, I will represent the values of the people from this district. Whenever I go to Santa Fe, I will be their voice and will stand up for them.”

Pirtle added that events like the rallies that took place Saturday help candidates to connect with the people and get their message across, and that’s what led him to attend the rallies in Roswell.

“Roswell is a big part of the district,” he said. “ It’s just very important for everyone to know where I stand and where Tim Jennings stands, and [Martinez] wanted everybody to know I shared her values, and I share the people of the district’s values.”

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