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October 17, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

There is a higher education bond initiative on the November ballot — General Obligation [auth] Bond C. It sets aside $119,400,000 statewide for capital improvements such as remodeling and updating classrooms, constructing or renovating facilities to meet student needs and making badly needed repairs.

ENMU-Roswell is similar to many public colleges and universities that have buildings in need of repair and facilities that lack adequate heating and cooling. At ENMU-Roswell, the passage of Bond C will authorize $1.5 million for infrastructure improvements at our campus.
Specifically, we will complete the following projects:

• Replace a boiler in the Occupational Technology Center (OTC);

• Replace the roof on the Arts and Science Center (ASC).

A vote for Bond C is good for ENMU-Roswell, good for Roswell and good for Chaves County. Bond projects bring jobs and revenues to local economies across the state. Voting “yes” on this statewide bond will not increase property taxes since other bonds are retiring.

Please support the General Obligation Bond C when you vote! Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell appreciates the community’s continued support.

Betty Patton

ENMU-Roswell Foundation President

Suspicious timing

Dear Editor:

Isn’t it amazing. Two days after President Obama was throughly beaten in the presidential debate with Gov. Romney, his labor department “magically” finds 500,000 plus people that have jobs. Somehow they had previously gone uncounted?? Gosh. A month before the election we now have unemployment below 8 percent. How convenient.

If anyone out there believes these numbers have not been cooked by this administration, I have some ocean front property south of the Roswell International Air Center I will sell you real cheap; it includes the Brooklyn Bridge.

Charles “Chuck” Parham


Protect human life

Dear Editor:

I was shocked and saddened to read of the recent incidents involving animal cruelty in Roswell. The Sept. 18 and 25 newspapers had front page photos of two dogs that were set on fire. Since then letters have been published which convey the righteous anger and disgust of readers concerning these cruel acts.

What concerns me, however, is that there was no public response, or outcry, when a photo of the mutilated body of an aborted baby was printed in the Roswell Daily Record earlier this year. Throughout America, thousands of unborn babies’ tiny bodies are pulled apart or salted to death, daily, in their mothers’ wombs, and there is very little concern in the public arena regarding this extreme cruelty. As the paper reported, a 12-year-old boy is considered a criminal for inflicting torture upon an animal, whereas, mature, professional abortion doctors make thousands of dollars torturing tiny human beings to death. What hypocrisy in this great nation of ours! God help us, and God help America!

However, there is hope! On Sunday, Oct. 7, 65 Roswell citizens joined the annual Life Chain, in unity with over 1,500 Life Chains across America and Canada, to pray for an end to this heinous act, and to pray for all its victims — the babies, and their mothers and their fathers. Thank you to all those who stand for life.


Margaret Rodriguez


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