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October 12, 2012 • Editorial

Hugo Chavez’s re-election

Score another lamentable election victory for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The fiery, anti-U.S. revolutionary now has another six-year term to continue with the plans he launched after his first election in 1998 to dismantle Venezuela’s free-market economy and pursue his anachronistic socialist agenda.

Not long ago, American leaders would’ve had good reason to be concerned about the national security implications of another Chavez term.

Venezuela sits atop the world’s largest proven reserves of oil and is a major petroleum exporter to the United States. Chavez has repeatedly rankled U.S. leaders by providing support for leftist Colombian guerrillas and sponsoring socialist political campaigns in Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Yet his so-called Bolmvarian revolution has proved hollow. Chavez’s Latin American political allies have found that, without the same kind of oil income Venezuela enjoys, revolutionary socialism is almost Login to read more

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