Council approves sidewalk repair

October 12, 2012 • Local News

City Council met Thursday night and passed initiatives that will keep Roswell beautiful and entertained.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation agreement was approved during the meeting. Funding will be supplied to repair the bricks on Main Street from approximately 11th to Alameda streets and from the Hondo River to the Spring River. The total project will cost $76,000 with $56,000 coming from the Highway Department. City Engineer Louis Najar said that the decorative brick sidewalks and the regular sidewalks in the downtown area will be repaired. Login to read more

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  1. mattc6735 says:

    alot of sidewalks need repairing, not just downtown– i find many times i have to go into the street to get where i am going because no curb cuts or the curb cuts themselves are so torn up, that i am unable to use them. please fix ALL so that i do not have to worry about going in the street and possibly getting hit

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